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5+ Tips for a free Blog Makeover

5+ Tips for a free Blog Makeover

Nobody wants to buy a new blog theme every time they wanna change their blog layout so here are my 5+ tips on how to change your blog layout without spending any money. Yes you heard me right! There are some ways you can have a blog makeover for free!

Start your Blog Makeover

  • The easiest way I think and which also makes a big change to your blog is a colour change. There are endless options and combinations. Just see how the whole look of the blog changes when you add/remove a colour. I do like my colour theme at the moment. It’s a combination of white, black and coral. I would suggest not to go overboard with the colours and don’t use more than 3 different ones on your blog. (Here are two examples, my current blog theme is a combination of both of them)

  • How about a little makeover for your header? Either change up your blog name with a brand new design. (With Photoshop and Pickmonkey it’s done in no time). Or maybe just vary with the colours. Maybe a different one for each season. I’m sticking with black at the mo, but coral would look great too. I’m more for a simplistic look but do whatever reflects your style and personality of your blog.

  • Depending on your theme you can change up your font quite a bit. My post title font is set but I can still change the writing in my posts. However your theme might allow some more font changes. Just try it out and see for yourself which font works best for you. With a good plugin and some new font form the web you’ll have a very different looking blog in no time.

  • There are so many things to put on your home page. Do you want a post slider or any categories to be featured? Or how do you want your posts displayed in general? I love a clean look but also to have as much information on my homepage as possible. See below some option which I tried out for my blog makeover. There are plenty more and some you might see over the next month on my blog too.

  • Or how does your sidebar appear? Do you have it displayed on every page or don’t you have one at all? How about a side change or just hide it away on your post and put your information on the bottom of it rather than beside. Here I have an example how my posts would look without the sidebar (it’s a really clean look). Another great option is to move the things in your sidebar around or exchange it for something else.

See Also

  • On another note you could give your blog makeover a new twist with using new dimensions for your images. A few month ago I started using more vertical images especially for my featured images. And it is so much fun creating new pictures. I loved learning new ways on how to shoot my products. So you get two for one basically – a new look for the blog and new photography skills.

Getting a blog makeover for free

So these are my 5+ tips on how to give your blog a makeover for free. Even the smallest changes can have a big effect when done right! I do have an advantage with my theme as it lets me do a lot of changes. This was a must for me before I got my theme from I now have so many new ideas on how to evolve my blog. So stay tuned for a little blog makeover every now and then.

Now it’s over to you. Does your blog need some fresh ideas and a little spring update? Let me know in the comments down below & if you decide to change it up I’ll make sure to check it out. Don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin to never miss a post again & if you enjoy this little space here you might enjoy my Insta account too.

Have a lovely weekend guys & don’t forget to brows my blog to get the full effect of my theme, xx

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