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8 Things to get you out off a Blogging Slump

8 Things to get you out off a Blogging Slump

When you’ve been in the blogging game for some time, it can be your creativity isn’t always flowing like you’d love to and you seem to be in a blogging slump.  A writers block may have stud in your way too. At first I had so many ideas for blogging and then out of nowhere I just couldn’t compose the next blog post. With searching for remedies for my lack of creativity, I found quite a few things that help me get back into the flow.

How to get out off the blogging slump

Without rambling on too long, I guess every blogger has had at least once a writers block or otherwise happy you. I for sure had it once and this is a list of things that helped me get out of my slump.

a List to combat your Blogging Slump

  • Change of scenery: Sometimes it just needs a new surrounding to get your creativity flowing again. For me, it’s to get out of my flat and into a library, a cute coffeeshop or to go home to my parents.
  • Reading up on blog posts: This one is rather self-explanatory. I love reading up on my favourite blogs and get some new ideas from my fellow bloggers. Here are some of my faves: Sophie Rose, Maria. J, Caitlin, Parie, Ninz.
  • Get away from the internet: and even if it is just for half a day or an hour or two. Leave your phone in the cupboard, shut your laptop and go out and enjoy yourself. I use my the time off to read a book or see my friends.
  • Go back on old post ideas: I keep some ideas for blogging in my journal and when I’m in a slump I revisit those. Most of the times I see one I like to write at last.
  • Just skip a post: It’s not the ending of the world if you don’t publish a post. I feel rather lighter and better, without a cloud over my head telling me I need to publish one now.
  • Clean up your work area: Someone said once tidy workspace, tidy mind. Sometimes that’s all there is to it. It really can disturb my flow when I have a messy work area. But there’s nothing a few minutes of cleaning up can’t save.
  • Do a workout: This always helps to clear my mind and getting active helps with my creativity. I often do little workout with Blogilates in my own room, then hop in the shower and I’m ready to write.
  • Make yourself cosy: Light up your favourite candle and make yourself a cup of tea, whilst sipping away I let my writers block vanish into thin air.

Happy Blogging

So this is my list of things that help me get out of my blogging slump. Sometimes it is just to help get my creativity flowing and once I really had a full on writers block. That time the best thing was to just leave a post out and get away from all of it. For other blogging advice visit my previous post here.

  How to get out off the blogging slump

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I hope there are some things that will help you with your writers block or to get some new ideas for blogging. Let me know if you use anything similar or do have some suggestions for me when it comes to getting your creativity back?

Have a nice day and happy blogging, xx

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