A stroll through the Christmas Market #Blogmas

This year I took some time out of my busy Uni Schedule and went to the Zürcher Wienachtsdorf (Christmas Market in Zurich) with my dear friend and had a look around. We went in the early evening when the lights were on…

It is such a lovely market with lots and lots of fairy lights, little stalls which sell some really lovely candles, scarf, christmas decoration etc. and a lot of places to get food.


There also were some lovely fire places where you could warm up and admire their Christmas Tree. My hands were so thankful for those ones.

Naturally you can get a lots of food and if we hadn’t planed to cook up a nice dinner at home we defentily would have gone for some raclette (melted cheese) and some mulled wine.

I’m really glad I mad some time and went to the Christmas Market. It was freezing but such a cute little Christmas Village and it was the perfect place to get my in the Christmas Mood!

Have you been to a Christmas Market lately? Hope you have a great weekend and a lovely time. xx

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2 responses to “A stroll through the Christmas Market #Blogmas”

  1. Laura Mareno says:

    Love christmas markets!! Now that I live in Germany they have become one of my favorite things at christmas time! great photos:D