A very christmasy Birthday

As long as I can remember when someone asks when my birthday is, their second question always is “Isn’t it strange to have your Birthday on Christmas?” and I honestly couldn’t tell you. It has always been this way and I wouldn’t have it any other.

Just so you understand, with us in Switzerland we usually start celebrating on christmas eve with a big meal and unwrapping our presents and my birthday is on that day, the 24th of December. So everybody always wants to know how it is to have to share my birthday with christmas. Here I have to thank my parents, they really do a great job so I can still have great birthday in the midst of all the christmas stuff going on.

the Birthday brunch

My very christmasy birthday starts with a brunch with my whole family including the grandparents and my lovely boyfriend. The table is full with swiss croissants (Gipfeli), sunday bread (Zopf), jams, cheese, fruits and of course this years chocolate birthday cake (here’s the recipe).

I do love me some avocado on toast with salmon and a poached egg. Yummy.

After a lovely morning and enjoying the time with my family, I usually go for some cake and another cup of tea. Then it’s time for gifts.

Time for presents

Here’s me unwrapping a kitchen aid from Klarstein (you’ll get to see it in more detail in my next baking post).

And here are some of the presents I got. Cause I know you’re all a nosy bunch and want to know what I got (just as a disclaimer: I don’t intend to brag or anything just show you some few bits I got).

I love all my gifts to bits and let’s face it you can’t go wrong with rose gold jewellery. I’m totally gonna rock rose gold things next year. And my dear BF got me this cute frame with lots of pictures from our holiday trips with a gift card for future travels. It was so unexpected and I love, love, love it (still have to decide where to hang it up).


A very christmasy Birthday

It is for sure not your average birthday, but I wouldn’t change my christmasy birthday. I often don’t do a big party since everyone just hasn’t got the time for a night out, but me and my friends always find time to do something after the festive season. So this way I actually get to celebrate a second time. And yes on my birthday others get gifts too but hey ho, I get the double amount!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed it, just like I enjoyed my birthday.

How do you celebrate your birthday? Let me know in the comments down below.

Have a lovely day and a festive season. xx

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3 responses to “A very christmasy Birthday”

  1. Josine says:

    Hope you’ve had a lovely day! My birthday is on 9 December and in holland we have a similar santa thing on 5th dec so I can relate to your birthday. I always hated it when I got a Christmas card saying “oh by the way happy birthday too”. Didn’t you?

    • Lea says:

      Oh noooo, such a shame. I gladly never had this situation. My cards start at least with Happy Birthday but end too with oh and merry christmas… xx