About a Snippet of Life

Hi there, I’m a Swiss communication student with a love for lifestyle, beauty & baking. Back in 2016 I created this blog to have a space where I could get creative and write about my interests or what I’m into at the mo.

A Snippet of Life is the Lifestyle Blog where you find fancy nail art, see the sweet delights I bake or get a Hair Tutorial of the newest trends. On other days I might shoot a lookbook for you guys or give you a run down of my monthly favorites. Since I started this blog I learned a lot about all the things that go into blogging, which lead to another category where I’ll show you all the nitty gritty for blogging.

This blog is my happy place where I just like to share my love for blogging and create content I am proud of when looking back.

I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I writing it, xx

Lea - A Snippet of Life