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It’s getting cold out there and that means it’s finally acceptable to wear all those big cosy jumpers again! Isn’t it the best feeling when you can just snuggle up in your cosy jumper. Or when it’s starting to snow and you’re inside all warm and comfortable. Well that’s me with my new knit jumper from Weekday. I got it a couple of weeks back as I was looking on buying some more cloth from Weekday. They have some amazing things! And as this big red cosy jumper poped up I just had to have it.

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red jumper – Weekday
teddy coat – Zara
jeans – New Look
red tassle earrings – Mango
 cross body bag – Mulberry
I’m totally in love with my Weekday jumper. It’s just the right fit – oversized but still with a shape. Oh and just to let you know this aviator jacket is from Zara. I heared Teddy Coats and aviator jackets are the must-have items this autum/winter.

How about you? What’s your fave jumper for those cold days? Let me know in the comments down below and don’t forget to subscribe to be part of our blogging family. Follow me now on here and my other social media like Instagram / Twitter / FB and Bloglovin’, I’ll be forever thankful. xx

Have a lovely evening,

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36 responses to “The cosy jumper Edit”

  1. Huda says:

    Omg! I am absolutely in love with this jumper, this is definitely not a color i’d usually go for but considering it’s holiday season, this would be perfect! You look amazing! ?

    • Lea says:

      Thanks so much Huda. Red is my fave colour but it has been ages since I actually wore it and now I can’t get enough of my cosy red jumper. xx

  2. That jumper is gorgeous! It’s sooo comfy when they are just a little bit bigger. I have a few like it and it’s so good at this time of the year!


  3. Hayley says:

    I love this jumper and I love the colour of it! I love big jumpers that keep me warm when it’s colder. I definitely want to find some more jumpers like this. Great post X – @HayleyxLunn

  4. Jazmin Heaven says:

    Ah this jumper looks so nice!!! You suit it alot xx

  5. Alice says:

    This jumper looks gorgeous on you and the colour suits you so well! I’ve never heard of Weekday but I’ll definitely be browsing their site now as I’m a sucker for cosy clothes. My favourite jumper at the moment is a white fluffy oversized one I got from Bershka!
    Alice Xx

    • Lea says:

      Thanks so much Alice. Bershka does have some great cloth and your fluffy white jumper sounds just about like one of those. xx

  6. Rebecca Rose says:

    I really want a red jumper like this one, i love the earring too and your photos are gorgeous! xx

  7. Sarah says:

    Dear Lea,

    This Look is amazing! I’m sooo into bright jumpers currently! ♥

    Xx Sarah

  8. Bookinggoodread says:

    I love red jumpers, this one is fab! ☺ photos are great as well, I want that bag ?

  9. Lizzie says:

    This jumper looks so warm and cosy! I don’t normally wear bright red but I’ve just bought myself one and I am so excited to wear it!


  10. That’s such a lovely jumpers. I live in them around this time of year! Zara will be my next shopping spree!

  11. Sophie says:

    Cosy jumpers are the best! My favourite right now is an oversized cream turtleneck. It’s so cosy and looks great with most things. Some of those ones look amazing!


  12. Sarah says:

    Ooh, lovely! Jumpers are one of my favorite things about this time of year! 🙂

  13. Faisal Ali says:

    The colour seems to really stand out which makes the jumper appealing.

  14. Kayleigh Zara says:

    The jumper looks so comfy! I really lovely colour of it too, I really like the shoes you’re a wearing too, they work so well with the jumper x

    Kayleigh Zara ?

  15. Wow, that jumper is such a beautiful colour and I love the style of it. Winter is the perfect time to get the cosy jumpers out and this would go with so many things!!

    Jordanne ||

  16. Hannah says:

    Great post! I have a red jumper too and love it!! This one looks so great on you x

  17. You can’t beat a cosy jumper this time of year. I’ve recently brought myself some new ones but I do love the colour of this one and it suits u so well.

  18. Marie says:

    I liked the way you accesorized your jumper.It looks lovely!