Crown Braid #HairTutorial

By now you should know about my big love for all kind of braids but the Crown Braid has to be one of my favorites. And now I created a tutorial for guys so you can get this beautiful hair style easy at home without having to go to a hairstylist.

How to do a Crown Braid:


1-3. Part your hair like shown in the pictures above. Clip the back parting out of your way or tie it up like I did. This way the hair won’t get in your way whilst braiding along the front of your hair.


4. Start braiding at the back of your ear. Do a dutch braid. (For a more detailed tutorial on how to do a dutch braid click here.) Try to keep the Crown Braid as close to your hair line as possible to get the full effect of the braid.

5-6. Keep on braiding. Always place one strand under the other. Whenever you get to the strand closest to your hair line add some loose hair to the braid.


7. Once you reach the back of your other ear untie the rest of your hair.

8. Continue to dutch braid. Incorporate any loose hair that’s left strand by strand.

9. When you’re back at the starting point of your Crown Braid just do a regular braid and tie it up with a rubber tie (if possible a clear one).


10. Then take the loose end of your braid, bring it around the front of your head and secure it with some bobby pins.

11. I tucked the end of the braid underneath the already existing braid and tried to make it look as if everything was connected.

12. To finish of I added some hair spray to make it last the whole day. I also did tuck at the the Crown Braid to give it some more volume. I didn’t mind the odd hair or two which were sticking out. I like the undone look but you always can fix it with some more bobby pins.

The finished Look:



So here you have it: the Crown Braid. I can’t deny that it is one of the more time consuming hair styles but I guess it’s totally worth my time! I really like wearing it to Uni or even for a night out. It gives every outfit the final touch and can be worn casually or fancy.

Now it’s over to you, did you already get the braiding bug? I’d love to know how you get on with your Crown Braids and don’t be shy to leave me a like or comment.

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