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A cute DIY Cactus Glass Terrarium

A cute DIY Cactus Glass Terrarium

DIY Cactus Glass Terrarium

I’ve been lusting over some glass terrariums from Pinterest and Oliver Bonas for ages! After some searching I found a rose gold glass terrarium from Amazon and as it arrived this week, I obviously had to do a little DIY and why not share it with you guys.

All you need is some turf (preferably some cactus turf), stones, a cute little cactus and a glass terrarium. Now there are so many different glass terrariums out there, I just happen to love the geometric designs and some rose gold should be in there too (you can find mine here).

In 3 steps to your own Cactus glass terrarium

First you put some stones on the bottom of your terrarium. Then add the turf but make sure to push it to the side (walls) so you can plant your cactus in the middle. Add the cactus and some more turf. Press everything down very well, so it’s secure. I put some more stones at the top to give it a cool look but this is totally optional.

It can get a bit messy so just be aware and use a working space where it doesn’t matter when you get turf everywhere. This DIY project took me literally like 10 min and I was done. Now I wanna get some more terrariums and grow my cactus family even larger.

I love how my little DIY Cactus Terrarium turned out! It looks cute and you can never go wrong with some rose gold details. My cactus is now sitting on my desk, where it’s sunny and it’s always in my field of view.

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 Hope you liked my DIY project, it’s something different to what I have been posting on this blog but it was just to good not to share. Let me know what you thought of it and are you a cactus lover too?

Have a lovely day, xx

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