Dutch Braids #HairTutorial

So here we go with my very first hair tutorial. I decided to go with the famous dutch braid. In my case with two off them. Keep on reading if you like to know how to do them or just to see some nice pictures.


First brush your hair. I think braiding works best with a day old hair. They just grip better but don’t worry just add a little dry shampoo to freshly washed hair to give it some more body. Then take a brush and make a middle parting. Clip one side away so it won’t get in the way when braiding.

How to braid dutch style: You braid the hair just like a normal french braid but instead off crossing the strands over one and each other, you braid them UNDER one and each other . Start by dividing your hair at the front into three strands.


Pic 1: Braid the three strands. Don’t forget to cross them UNDER one and each other.

Pic 2: When you get to the first strand again, add a little bit of hair from the side to it before continuing to braid.

Pic 3: Continue to dutch braid, adding hair to each strand before crossing them under each other. With time your hands should get the hang of it and you can braid without having to think about it.

When you reach the end, tie your braids together. I like to use these tiny and transparent rubber hair ties, so they won’t show. I get them in one of my local drugstores. Now you have your first dutch braid! Repeat the process on the other half of your hair and you should be left with two beautiful dutch braids.


Now you could leave them as they are or do some extra styling.

For one, you could twist your two braids together and make a low sitting knot. I love to do this to give myself a more sophisticated look.


Or open up the two braids at the top off your neck and combine them into one braid. Combined with a lovely dress it gives you a lovely boho chic vibe.


I hope you liked the tutorial. It’s my first time doing one about my hair. Thank you for stopping by and if you want to keep being updated about my posts, hit that subscribe button. Have a lovely day. xx


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