Fancy Nails


Continuing with the Spring theme I gave my friend’s nails a make over. For the design I used the p2 nail polish in 622 remember me (light blue) and from the holo dimension collection n. 010 (pink). To get the clean lines I turned to my trustworthy striping tape.

Start by cleaning the nails, shaping them and applying a base coat. In her case I used a nail strengthener since her nails were a little brittle.


Let the base coat dry completely. Then take your striping tape and apply it on all 10 nails diagonally. Paint one hand in the light blue except the ring finger. Use the pink holo polish for this one. Repeat the same on the other hand. But reverse the colours.

As soon as you painted the second coat of the colour remove the striping tape to maintain the crisp line. It’s better to remove the tape when the nail polish is still wet. The last step is as always to cover all nails with a top coat off your choice and you’re ready to go.

Thank you to my lovely friend for lending me her hands. I had a blast doing your nails.

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