Home Made Gyoza

So I got a cooking book last christmas from my grandma and I have tried out different recipes since and they all were delicious but this one is just too good not to share with you. Last week I made Gyozas and they were finger licking good.

The recipe is from Jamie’s Comfort Food. You need for the dough: 300 g flour, pinch of salt & 170 ml hot water

For the filling: 1/4 cabbage, 200 g pork belly or beef, 2 garlics, 1 piece of ginger about the size of your thumb, 4 spring onions, 1 tsp miso paste, 1 tsp sesame oil & 1 chili


Now first make the dough, mix the flour, salt and hot water. When everything is combined take it out of the bowl and knead the dough for 5 min. Wrap it in clingfilm and set it to the side.

The filling is really easy to make if you have a good food processor. You can simply throw everything in it (from th e spring onions only use the green parts) and process it until you have really small pieces. For myself I used minced pork and diced everything up in little tiny pieces. It took me a while but since it came out this delicious I would not mind doing it again.


Take your dough. Cut it in half and roll it out as thin as possible. Than take a round cutter with about 8 cm in diameter. Try to get as many round pieces as possible. Then fill it with a tea spoon full off the meat and vegetable filling. Take your round piece of dough with filling in to your hands. Fold it in half an seal the edges. I tried to do it the traditional way by folding over a small section over the other.

I got about 35 gyoza out off the dough and a small amount of filling was left which we fried off the next day and eat it with some rice.

DSC04499DSC04495 DSC04508

Take a frying pan add as many gyoza as possible. Fry them off. When the bottom is brown add 200ml with 1 tbsp flour (whisk the mixture beforehand until the flour is dissolved) bring it to a boil. Let it simmer for 10 min with a lid on. Then take the lid off and wait until the flour water gets to a pancake like texture. Now they are ready to serve.


I served them with some soy sauce and sweet chili sauce. I also opted for some steamed pak choi to go with my gyoza.


Now it’s over to you get in your kitchen and start cooking. I can guarantee you if you love asian food this one is perfect for you. I always thought it would be quite complicated to cook some good dumplings but now I can’t wait to do them again soon.

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