How having your birthday on Christmas is like

Well, there you go I have my birthday literally on Christmas. Now you’re for sure thinking how is it to have your Birthday on the same day as Christmas? Well, to be honest nothings different for me at least – because I never knew anything else.

However the way I celebrate it might be a little different from your usual birthday. Just to get this out of the way my birthday is on the 24th of December. For us in Switzerland this is the day/night we usually celebrate Christmas with all the gift giving and Christmas dinner etc. I know that for my UK friends and some other countries it’s the 25th but for us it’s all about the 24th.

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So let’s jump right into it!  Now my birthday starts with a lovely brunch. It’s usually my family, my boyfriend, my grandparents and sometimes my godmother and a friend or two. Ah, I love my birthday brunch. We always have some delicious food and of course cake! I always enjoy this part as I have all my loved ones around me, there’s lots of laughter and we generally just have a great time.

After brunch, it’s time to unwrap those presents. Yes, I do get presents twice! In the morning I get my Birthday gifts and in the evening the Christmas one’s. What I like in particular is that I can wish for really big things that I wouldn’t normally get for my Birthday alone – but since I have my Birthday at Christmas – I can wish for one big present. This way I got my laptop for example or my kitchen aid. So who’s gonna say now having your Birthday on Christmas is bad?!

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But the present situation aside. I really do like having my Birthday on Christmas. Yes, I never knew how it would be if I had my birthday on any other day. It’s just lovely to know that your fave people will have some spare time, because there’s no work and I have a full day of festivities. In the morning it’s my time of the day – until 4 p.m. – then it’s officially Christmas in our house. I do have to say my parents did really well with how they choose to celebrate my day with me. I think it was this way since like forever.

So the next time if anybody asks me how it is to have your Birthday on Christmas I’ll just direct them to this post. Or I just tell them it’s the best thing ever! Basically, aside from celebrating twice in a day it’s like any other birthday. Just with some more presents and festivities from morning to evening.

So when is your birthday? Is it on a special day too? Or how do you celebrate yours?

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16 responses to “How having your birthday on Christmas is like”

  1. Your birthday / Christmas sounds like a truly special day! How lovely to get two sets of presents – you can’t complain at that in the slightest! The idea of a big family brunch is wonderful as well, it must be lovely for everyone to get together to celebrate! I can definitely understand why you embrace your birthday being on Christmas with open arms!

    Abbey ?

  2. Aww, it sounds like you have such a great day for your birthday and Christmas! My sister’s birthday is on the 23rd of December which she says it can be a bit of a pain, it sounds like it might make it easier being on Christmas rather then 2 days before! Haha


  3. Sophie says:

    Interesting that you split your day in two for it! I always thought having a Christmas birthday must suck because people will either try to only give you one gift or not celebrate your day fully. Nice to know you enjoy it still ?


    • Lea says:

      I know that^s what a lot of people think. I might not have a full day of birthday banter but at least a whole morning :). xx

  4. Julia says:

    Oh wow I always thought that it’d be bad to have christmas and your birthday super close but what you do actually sounds so lovely! Lucky you 🙂

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  5. Jenny says:

    I didn’t know Switzerland celebrated mostly on the 24th! I personally wouldn’t want my birthday on Christmas but I can see how it’s ideal on the present situation of you want something particularly big or pricey!

  6. Manu says:

    Happy belated birthday! Hope you’ve had a lovely day and got great presents! =)

    My birthday used to be on a “normal” day in August – but from 2018 on, it will be a special day for me and my loved ones, as I’m getting married on my birthday… 😀

    It was my fiancé’s wish – it felt weird first, but now I’m totally happy and looking forward to it more and more every day =)

    Have a lovely day!

    • Lea says:

      Thank you so much, my dear! Oh, now that’s a little bit unusual but the thoughts of your fiancé are just lovely. Hope you will have the best wedding ever and a wonderful birthday. xoxo

  7. Katie Henry says:

    This sounds so lovely. Hope you had an amazing birthday, definitely given me ideas for what to do on mine in a couple of months.

  8. Joanne says:

    Wow, how fascinating to read! I actually never thought about the “one big present” thing, that’s actually super beneficial then! I love how you wrote this in a really positive, heartwarming way, since most people I know would probably complain instead, hahaha.
    Love love love your blog, your content is wonderful! Would love if we can follow each other on Bloglovin maybe? <3 Let me know!
    Have a terrific weekend. xx

    Joanne | With Risa: A Lifestyle Blog

  9. SHARDAY says:

    My birthday is on Christmas 25th…It’s gotten better for the years but for me it kinda sucks. People forget and everything is closed. Plus everyone is more focused on it being Christmas vs. My biryhday. I learned if I go out Christmas Eve night it helps it feel longer/better. I also don’t usually hang with friends because everyone is with their family. This year (last year 2017) though was actually pretty nice. It’s nice to hear of someone who has an awesome Christmas birthday.