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How I edit my Instagram Pics

How I edit my Instagram Pics

How I edit my Instagram Pics

Since signing up on Instagram I’ve been going through different phases on how I edit my Instagram pics.  I remember how I was so excited back in 2012 to try out each and every filter and it was just cool if the pictures clearly showed that a filter was used (now I’m cringing at my first pictures lol). As I changed and especially since starting my blog my way of editing my Insta pictures has changed too. So without further of due here’s:

How I edit my Instagram pics

Do you know the app VSCO? If not – where have you been?! It’s the best app ever – like literally. This is the main app where I edit my photos. So I take 90 % of my pictures with my DSLR (Sony Alpha 58). Then I upload the pic into my app VSCO. My fave filter and the one I’ve been going for the last couple of month is HB1.

After applying the filter I up the brightness and the saturation but I never go up more than +2. This just depends in which lightning the pictures was taken. Often I need to crop the picture but other than that, nothing needs to be done to my pic.

I bloody love this app. It makes my life so much easier and helps me keep my “non-theme” theme for Insta. And that’s that. Sometimes I up the brightness again on Insta something between 10 and 20. You see I like my pictures bright. Whats left to do, is to hit the upload button and enjoy the likes.

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Now you know how I edit my Instagram pics. To see the difference I have here my unedited picture and the final version ;).

I think the change is quite subtle. I see it as enhancing just what has already been there. Over the years I’ve been through a lot of filters etc. but now I’m at a point where I’ve found my dream filter. It’s working with all the styles of my pictures and I like to think it keeps my Insta pics more or less natural looking. And anyways who has time to edit your pictures for hours. I rather keep it real and it saves me so much time. (If you wanna know how feel about Instagram in general click here.)

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I hope this has given you some new ideas on how to edit your Insta pics. But please don’t just copy what I’m doing (nobody likes a copy cat). I just thought it might help to find your own style and which apps you should try out etc.

Let me know what you thought about my blog post down in the comments down below. And if you already use the VSCO app which one is your fave filter? And don’t forget to follow me on Bloglovin’.

Have a lovely evening beauties, xx

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