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Do you label your images right? + better SEO

Do you label your images right? + better SEO

How to label your images right + optimizing your SEO

Continuing with my blogger help series, I’m talking all about images today. Now for a long while I thought it was nothing more than uploading and inserting the photos into the post and that’s me done. But just wait a second! There are some steps you shouldn’t skip and will help you improve your blog post even more!

The right labeling of your images

  1. Upload your image with the right name. Don’t just leave it as DSC0123, give it a name that correlates with your post.
  2. Insert a Title for your image.
  3. Don’t forget the Alt Text.
  4. And write a Description of your picture.

After I told you what to do, I’ll tell you why it’s crucial you do it. Google doesn’t actually “see” your image. The only thing it sees is text. So you need to title and describe your images . This way Google knows exactly what the image is showing.

The Alt Text is especially important for your SEO. Google uses the Alt Text to determine what your post is about through the image. It helps to better understand Google what your post is about. If you wanna know more about optimizing your SEO click here.

Here you can see where you can label your images in WordPress.

As you can see it’s really easy and doesn’t take away a lot of your time. Just think of how it will improve you blog post even more! Yes at first, I had remind myself to do it, but now it’s a no-brainer. It becomes a habit and you just do it automatically.

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Hope this was helpful for some of you out there. I was extremely thankful when I found a blog post explaining all about image labeling, so I thought I’d pass on my knowledge.

Have a lovely start to the weekend, xx

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