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A Lazy Sunday Lookbook to get you in the mood for the weekend

A Lazy Sunday Lookbook to get you in the mood for the weekend

Lazy Sundays Lookbook

The Sundays were I can lounge around and basically do nothing are the ones for me! A typical Sunday starts off with a late breakfast with the whole family including my gorgeous boyfriend, then we might cosy up in bed again reading or we sometimes go for a walk. This time of the year I’m getting out all my cosy jumpers and big scarfs to keep me warm whatever I’m doing.

I love this velvety jumper from Zara. It is so soft and although it is a cropped jumper it’s long enough to be worn during the winter. If you just could feel it… sooooo fluffy! Perfect to cosy up in bed or on the sofa with a good book and a cup of tea.

I first was a little sceptical of this whole pajamas as day wear trend but this lovely blouse (Zara) was the ideal way to try it out and I think I can pull it off. The blouse has a satin feel to it and falls very nicely. The only thing is that it creases very quick. Now the scarf is from  H&M and matches my two new tops perfectly. The pink and grey combo makes it so easy to pair it with literally anything.

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So what does you perfect lazy Sunday look like? Or what will you be doing this Sunday?

Have a great weekend lovelies, xx

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