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How I fell back in love with my Instagram Feed

How I fell back in love with my Instagram Feed

The last couple of month I wasn’t to happy about my Insta Account due to many reasons. There was my struggle with committing to a theme and uploading pics at least every other day. And then the whole follow to unfollow thing got the better of me, so I struggled even more getting followers. But no worries, now I’m more content and happy with Instagram than ever. How I got to this point again? I’ll tell you.

Just to get it out off the way I know I am a small fish in the whole Instagram world and what could I have to say. But I wanna up my Instagram Game and achieve my goals with getting a larger following.  So this is how I hope to do it and still keep the fun in it.

Instagram Theme

Now about my Insta Theme: It took me a couple of trial and errors until I found a way of editing my imaged that works for me. I mainly use VSCO to brighten up & balance out my images. Then I jump between 1-2 filters from the UNUM app or Instagrams own filters according to the style of picture I’m uploading. (Let me know if you want a more detailed post on how I’m editing my Insta pics!) I just try to enhance what already is in the photo.

For me my theme consists of flatlays, lifestyle shots, my nails and the occasional outdoorsy or baking photo. The most important thing for me is to keep the editing the same for every picture. And as from last week I decided to declutter my images, meaning not to overcrowd it, just displaying 1-3 products etc. Just so that not to much is going on and that I have a clear focus on one thing.

Regular Uploading

So we can check off the theme struggle, on to the amount of pics I upload. To get more followers you have to upload more frequently and oh boy was I struggling. At the very beginning I had lots off ideas but paired with my theme, there all of a sudden weren’t that many again. But with developing and changing to a theme I now love, it’s most of the times easy to find a pictures which suits my Instagram Account.

Stop worrying about followers

Moving on to the whole follow to unfollow thing. I’m not going to ramble on about the whole nature of it (Parie from Class & Glitter made a brilliant post on that). I just tell you how I learned to deal with it. I use an app where I can see who unfollows me exactly. Now, some people even like it less when they see who unfollows them but for me it just calms me down. I know weird right? Well my logic is, whenever someone follows me I usually check out their account and when I like it I follow back. With my app I then see if they just wanted my follow and if so they will have unfollowed me within the next hour to day. Instead of getting annoyed I simply tick the unfollow box in my app and that’s done and they’re gone.

Don’t need that negativity in my life. And with that came a calm over me about the hassle to gain followers. I still wanna up my Instagram game and achieve my goals which I set myself on how many followers I wanna have at the end of the year. But I rather have engaging and “real” well meant followers, than one’s that don’t interact at all and are there just for the number.

With that I wanna end this post on a high note and tell you that I’m so happy with how my Instagram account is turning out! I think I found my niche and style of pictures and my creativity and ideas are flowing again. Can’t wait to post my next picture…

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Just to throw it out there: you can find me at @l.hof. Come and say hi.

How do you get on with Instagram? And let your Insta Account in the comments down below if you’d like me to check it out.

Have a lovely day, xx

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