Marble Nails #nailart

Hello my lovelies, it’s Friday and that means I have a new blog post for you guys. I always wanted to do marble nails. I love the look of marble. The stone can have so many different shades and colours.
And what better way to do a nail art design to have my own marble design on my nails.

For your nail art you need:


A white nail polish for the base, a black and a gold nail polish, maybe a turquoise glitter polish and a piece of cling film.

  1. Start of with a base coat of your choice. Then take the white nail polish and cover your nails in two coats of it. Wait until it’s completely dry.DSC02848
  2. Take the cling film and crease it up into a ball. Pick some black nail polish up with your cling film ball and press it down on the nail with a light hand. Do all 10 nails. Then move on to the gold nail polish and repeat the step.DSC02853DSC02856
  3. Afterwards I took a small painting brush and added some more lines with the black polish. Since I wasn’t satisfied with the marble design I added some turquoise glitter polish over the black lines. DSC02864DSC02868
  4. Add a top coat to seal in your nail art and you’re ready to go. I’m really happy with how it turned out. Now I got my own marble design on my nails and you know how to do it yourself.


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Have a nice Friday and a sunny weekend, xx




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