My Ring Collection

From an early age on I loved jewelry, especially rings. My mum’s saying was and some times still is: “You are dressed like a christmas tree.” referring to my many rings I used to wear and the neckless and some earrings in addition ;). So without rambling on about how much I love silver rings here are some of my favourites.

Ring Collection

  1. Pearl Ring (Gift) 2. Frontier Garnet Ring (Shop Dixi) 3. Fenwick Wishbone Ring (Shop Dixi)

Ring Collection

4. Shivas Eye Ring (Gift) 5. Turquoise Stone Ring (Gift) 6. Amethyst Stone ring (Gift)

Ring Collection

7. Yellow Stone Ring (Gift) 8. Guilds Black Onyx Ring (Shop Dixi) 9. Temptress Thumb Ring (Shop Dixi) 10. Moon Stone Rings (Camden Town, London) 11. Thomas Sabo Eternity Ring (Gift)

Ring Collection

12. Phantom Garnet Ring (Shop Dixi) 13. Wild Heart Rings (Shop Dixi) 14. Gold Leaf Ring (Shop Dixi, not available) 15. Accalia Smoky Quarz Ring (Shop Dixi)

Ring Collection

16. Lapis Lazuli (Gift) 17. Simple Silver Rings (Gift) 18. Silver Ring with a tiny Ruby (Self made)

Ring Collection

19. Black Onyx Tear Ring (Gift) 20. Amethyst Stone Ring (Gift)

So these are my favourite rings. At the moment I’m really liking the small and dainty rings (gold and silver) but often I would wear at least one big ring too! As you have noticed most oft the rings were gifts from either my parents or boyfriend so I don’t know where they got them. Their all real stones and silver Rings so they will last me a life time and I will cherish them forever. But when it comes to buying my own rings my go to jewelllery shop is Shop Dixi. I just recently started purchasing at their shop and I am so impressed with their Rings and Chokers. Can’t recommend it enough.

So what are your favourite rings? Are you a ring person like me?

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  1. Sandra says:


    Das ist eine schöne Ring Sammlung, da kann ich mich gar nicht entscheiden. ?
    Liebe Grüße,