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Newsletter Launch

Newsletter Launch

A Snippet of Life - Newsletter Launch

It’s finally happening guys… I’m launching my own newsletter!

I know, I know, you might be thinking not another newsletter. Well I hope to change your mind, that when you’re finished reading this you’ll be signing up for mine in no time.

I decided to do a newsletter simply because it’s so much more personal than the e-mail you get when I publish a new post. I knew I had to do something special something not everybody has already done.

Favourite blog posts

So what can you be expecting from my newsletter – well let’s start off with the obvious one. I’ll be showcasing my fave blog posts and not just from the ones I recently published but you’ll get a look at some older ones, which might be helpful or just nice to read.

Blogger showcase

Secondly I wanna tell you which bloggers I’m loving at the moment. As I think it’s pretty hard these days in the blogging world, I’ll try and introduce you to some new ones. I’m not quite sure yet if it’s gonna be in categories in which I’ll be showcasing them but I got a few ideas.

Exclusive blogging advice

These are some pretty common things in newsletter. However in each newsletter I’ll be sharing, there’s gonna be some advice, tips or tricks to help you up your blogging game! And now get this – these tips you’ll only gonna get here in my newsletter! You won’t find it on my blog – just here! If this isn’t the reason to sign up fro my newsletter I don’t know!

A snippet of my life

As I want my readers to get to know me more, I’ll be sharing some insights into my life too. Like what I did during the week or some facts about me. Basically you’ll gonna get to know me more personally.

Subscribe now

So keep your eyes pealed! The newsletter launch will be in September as I’m currently away on holiday in Mexico (if you wanna see what I’ve been upto the last week follow me on Insta). And there will be a giveaway when I reach a 100 subscribers!


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Well what are you waiting for?! Subscribe now to my newsletter and get in with the chance of winning my giveaway!

Have a great day my lovelies and don’t forget to follow me on my social media Instagram / Twitter / FB and Bloglovin’, I’ll be forever thankful. xx

Lea - A Snippet of LifeA Snippet of Life - Newsletter Launch

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