Black and Gold Nail Art

I ordered some stamping templates a couple of weeks ago and now there here I obviously had to try them out! For my first design I had high hopes and all this crazy ideas but I soon discovered that stamping’s an art in itself.

After some trial and error I figured out which of my nail polish where working well with my stamping templates and so this is the nail art design I came up with in the end.

DSC04515 For my base I went with Barry M Molten Metals in Bronze Bae. Then I decided to stamp over it with a black nail polish (essence). I also got with the templates a clear jelly stamper. It seriously makes the whole process so much easier. You can see exactly where the design is going on your nails.
DSC04524I must say the must difficult I found picking up the nail polish from the templates with the stamper. For me it works best to roll over the template. This way it mostly picks up the nail polish and to work quick with it (since it’s just a thin layer of nail polish it dries quite fast).
DSC04531I am in no way a pro yet at stamping so I went with doing just two of my nails with this lovely flower design. And you can be sure I will show you some more nail art design with my stamping templates when I get better at it. I still want to do some gradient designs etc..


I think this whole stamping nail art is going to grow on me. How do you like it? Any tips and tricks? If you liked my post it would make me so happy if you could click on the heart for a like and don’t be shy to leave a comment or subscribe to my blog.

Have a nice day you beautiful bunch of people and enjoy the weekend, xx


2 responses to “Black and Gold Nail Art”

  1. Sophia says:

    These templates look brilliant!! I’m rubbish at doing my nails so this is the only way they’d every look nice xx

    Sophia x

  2. Looks great 🙂 Stamping is not just for beginners or people without painting skills. There are so many interesting templates and I think I would be wasting my time trying to draw the same image more than once.