DIY Nail Decals #Nailart


I love to experiment with my nail art but to draw freehandedly some geometric designs is even for me too much work. Since I didn’t want to splurge out on a whole set of stamping material,  there was not much left then to create my own nail decals. So I went on the Internet and searched for some cool prints I liked and saved them. Now on how to DIY your very own decals!

  1. Take a photo paper and apply, on the shiny side, top coat. I painted a rectangle of ca. 12 x 10 cm with the top coat and let it dry.DSC01963
  2. Now I opened Word to place my prints in the right size and at the right place. When you print them on to your photo paper you want it to be where the top coat was applied. DSC01973
  3. Put your paper into the printer and press the button to print out your cool prints. (Today mine came out a little wonky but most of them where still usable.)DSC01981
  4. Whats left to do is, wait until everything is dry and then peal the top coat off very carefully.
  5. Cut out your designs. Apply a little bit off a slow drying top coat on to the nail. Place the nail decal on your nail and press it down. Cover everything with another layer off your favourite top coat and voila, there’s your nail art ready to rock your world!



It’s a really simple way to do DIY nail decals, it’s cheap and you probably have most off the things already at home. But if you want it a little bit easier, go to a stationery store and buy water-slide paper. With this paper you can skip point 1 and basically just print your pictures on to the water-slide paper.

I hope it was some what helpful to you and have fun going crazy with all the cool prints for your nails. And you don’t have to print them in black. They can be any colour you want and any shape or theme you’d like to.

If you try it out hashtag your pic with #asnippetoflife so I can see your creations or if you have any questions just leave a comment. Don’t forget to like and share the post if it was just right up your street. And thank you for stopping by.

Have a nice day everyone, xx


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