Making a fashion statement with embroidered jeans & fishnet tights

Here’s to my first Lookbook of the year! Since embroidered cloth came into fashion again I wanted to treat myself to some new jeans, and not any jeans – embroidered jeans. When I saw some Topshop Jeans on sale I just had to get them. As I was putting in an order, some fishnet tights may have been added too.

How to style embroidered jeans

I’m in love with these embroidered jeans. I went for the ones with just some embroidery on the top, not down the whole legs. The fit is just amazing like with any Topshop jeans. Here are some embroidered jeans as I couldn’t find mine. To style the trousers I opted for a clean blouse, shirt or jumper as I wanted my jeans to be the center of attention! I like that the embroidered flowers were blue toned just like the jeans.  This leaves you with lots of colour options for your tops. My new jeans also take me back to when I was younger and wearing flared jeans with embroidery. I used to love them and my mum had to iron the flowers onto my jeans. Now their back in fashion it was no brainer to get some new ones.

Adding some fishnet tights

Fishnet Tights have been all over the internet lately and so I just had to get some as I like the look of them. First I just wanted to go with some fishnet socks but went with the tights in the end as I remembered my ripped jeans, were tights would come in handy. This time around I paired them with my new jeans with the embroidered flowers and a simple dark blue jumper.

So this is my first Lookbook of the year. I hope to do them more regularly as I quite enjoy doing these blog posts. And as my friends are always so kind and take the pictures for me I don’t have to play around with tripods. Not to forget, I can shoot in some more interesting places than my bedroom for some more versatile Lookbooks.

Tell me have you been following the latest trends like the fishnet tights or embroidered cloth? I definitely love my jeans with beautiful embroidered flowers. I’m actually quite tempted to buy other jeans or embroidered top. The fishnet tights are great for any occasion and as long as they are on trend I’ll incorporate them more in my everyday look.

Hope you’re having a good day lovelies and happy FRIYAY, xx

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4 responses to “Making a fashion statement with embroidered jeans & fishnet tights”

  1. Tereza says:

    You look so lovely in these jeans!I really want a pair of embroidered ones too but I just can’t find one that would look good on me – especially because I only wear super tight skinnies and it just looks a but too much with floral on them. Sigh. xx

    • Lea says:

      Thanks Tereza! Have a look in Topshop or Newlook, they have some that have just a minimum of embroidery around the top or around the ankle. I think that looks amazing when you wanna wear skinny jeans ;). xx

  2. Love how you styled the whole outfit and you look beautiful. These jeans really suit you x