Delicious Food you should eat when in London

A couple of weeks ago I went London with my family including the boyfriend and we went to some amazing restaurants and places to eat delicious food. The food in London is always a highlight of my trip and let’s be real -who doesn’t love food!

I wasn’t sure if I should split this post up but decided against it. So make yourself a cuppa and enjoy this post as it’s filled with lots of pictures! Sorry in advance for making you hungry…

Town Hall Hotel

Breakfast at our hotel was as always yummy. Most mornings I had some poached eggs on avocado and toast, while my bf enjoyed some pancakes with crème fresh. Oh and fresh mint tea which my mum and I always shared a big mug of it. And doesn’t the dying room look amazing?! I love how they decorated it.

The Frog

This was my first time visiting the Frog. It’s a beautiful restaurant with tasty food. It’s British cuisine with a twist. They serve each dish like a tapas. Everything was utterly delicious but my fave was definitely the squid! If you are after an new experience and love to share your food (that’s what you typically do with tapas style dishes) the the Frog is for you.


Old Spitalfield Market

I love wandering around Old Spitalfield Market and whilst you’re at it why not get some food. We all went to a different stall and got some burgers, fries, a halumi wrap and some fish an chips. One evening there was a beer festival taking place so naturally I got myself a ginger beer cocktail, which was pretty good. Just incase you’re wondering the picture of me is an accurate representation of how I looked all the time – yummy food has that effect on me.


This restaurant is a really special one, so what could be a better day to go there as my bf’s birthday. It’s modern chines cuisine. There are so many dishes to choose from. I went for the dumplings and the scallops. But I had to have a nibble here and there as all our dishes were so scrumptious. The ambience is incredible! Lots of dark wood and dimmed lights.

Town Hall Hotel

The Frog

Old Spitalfiel Market


So this is some of the food I had and the restaurants I visited. I had an amazing time with my family! We all love to eat and it’s always a pleasure to spend time together and enjoy awesome food in London.

Are you hungry now? What is your fave food in London?

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Food in London: Food you should eat when in London


16 responses to “Delicious Food you should eat when in London”

  1. I live in London and still cannot get over all the food here haha! Even when I think I’ve tried everything there are always new coffee shops and restaurants popping up I love it.

    Morgan //

  2. Jaimi says:

    Great pictures! I really like those industrial style lights.

  3. Leian says:

    Great post and awesome pics! Now I’m hungry 🙂

  4. Emily Newstead says:

    All of the food looks delicious, looks like you had a great time!

    Emily xo

  5. Blaze Ann says:

    I’ve been to London once but wasn’t able to try all of these foods! All of your pictures are so beautiful!!

    • Lea says:

      Thanks Blaze. Oh well London is huge and even for me who has been quite a few time now, I haven’t been to all the places. xx

  6. katie says:

    i LOVE tapas so this post is pulling at my heart strings! i started a diet yesterday so also, kinda, screw you for these amazing pictures making me want to eat everything. in. sight. damnit.

    there ain’t nothing better than good food and good company. have you been to sushisamba in london? that’s one of my all times faves!

    katie xx

    • Lea says:

      Tapas are great aren’t they?!
      I never been to sushisamba but will keep it in mind for the next time I visit London Town. xx

  7. sianemma says:

    I’ve never been to London but I definitely know where to eat now! Pictures are lovely ?

  8. Marina says:

    Next time I’ll go to London I definitely will try Hakkasan their food looks delicious!