Glitter Nails #nailart

You may have guessed by now, that I like to do my nail art on accent nails. Well this time I tried out some glitter I found in my drawer full of my nail stuff.


As you can see the glitter has an irredessend hue with lots of blue and pink tones. It kind of reminds me off unicorns and fairies.

To get the nail art design you need a beautiful glitter of your choice and a clear nail polish. Paint your nail with the clear nail polish and dipp the finger in the glitter. Take it out and gently press down on the nail to secure all the flakes. Give it a minute to dry and then brush off all the excess glitter. If the nail is coming through in some places, just dab a little more clear polish on and dip the finger in the glitter pot. As a last step cover the nail art with your favourite top coat to seal in the design.


Now you can paint the other nails with any colour you like. I went with this pink nude polish from Catrice. It matches the design quite well. Repeat the steps on the other hand and you’re done.


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Happy nail painting and a lovely day to you all, xxx


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