How to get the perfect Gel Nails at home

As of tomorrow I will be on my mini holiday with my man and since we’re going to do a lot of different activities like hiking and so I went and did some gel nails on myself. I just thought that they would last longer and I don’t have to worry about chipping etc.

So I’ve come across the Striplac nail polish from Alessandro. They are gel nails with a little twist to them. To take them off you can simply peel them off your nails without using any liquids or file. Now I’m going to Italy and it supposed to be lovely weather so I did some white nails.

I don’t like the really really white nail polish (that looks like Tippex) but if they got like a milky white I am all for it. So to get my nail gel nails I used their Striplac Tip Whitener all over my nails. But first things first, I buffed my nails, cleansed them and added one coat of Striplac Twin Coat. Cured it under the LED lamp for 60 sec. Then I added two coats of the tip whitener. Between each layer you have to cure it under de LED lamp. Now I went on to cover all my nails with the twin coat again but left out the middle fingers.


On the middle fingers I decided to do some nail art. I can’t just have some plain white nails. There has to be something extra, especially since I’m going on holiday. To get this dainty little golden rings stuck on my nails I applied a blob of twin coat added the rings, went under de lamp to cure it. Than I went over my whole nails again with the twin coat to really seal in those golden rings.


What’s left to do to whip of the sticky layer of all my nails and I am ready to go. Recently I just love having gel nails occasionally. I don’t have to worry about chipping or ruining my nails whilst doing sport etc. And with the Striplac from Alessandro they are really easy to apply and to get them of, like I said just peal them off and your nails will appear unharmed and healthy ready for your next design.


PS: I had to cut the nails of my right hand down because one got teared off whilst wake boarding. And I couldn’t do it to my other hand. So I got uneven nail length but he ho I don’t mind that much.

Thanks for stopping by lovely. Let me know if you would like to have some more gel nail tutorials.

Enjoy your day and I hope everyone has a nice weekend, xx



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