Nail art #eyenails


What I am going to show you is probably one of my favourite nail art designs up to this date. I had so much fun creating this nail art that I thought to share a quick tutorial with you.
EYE Nails. And they are really simple to achieve. All you need is a sheer polish as a base, a white, a black and a blue nail varnish for the eyes and to create the design take a tooth pick, doting tool or thin brush, what ever works best for you.

Now onto how to create those dainty little blue eyes… Paint your nails with a thin coat of your sheer nail varnish. Let it dry completely.



Then take your white nail polish. Outline your eyeball like shown and fill it. You might need to coats of white. Just make sure it’s as bright as possible.

Take the black polish and outline the upper half of the eye. Try to make a thin line. Next paint the lashes. Three thin strokes should do it.


With a tooth pick or dotting tool place a blue dot in the middle of your eyes. Then take the black nail varnish again and place a slightly smaller dot on top of the blue one. Finish off with a top coat to seal in your design.

And there you have it, ten cute little eyes that give your nails that little extra pop of colour and look ever so dainty. I hope you have fun recreating the design and let me know if you liked it.

Wish you all a nice day and hopefully see you on my next post. xx



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