Nail care routine

With the love for nail polish comes a certain necessity to keep my nails healthy. Not that I otherwise wouldn’t take care of them, but through the exposure of my nails to polish, they just need a little bit more loving than usual.


It doesn’t take many products and little time to keep them at their best. Over the years I developed my own regime on how to take care of my nails.


Starting of by cleaning my nails. If I’m in need to get rid of some nail polish , I take any acetone free polish remover (it’s not that harsh on my nails) to get the nail polish off. Now taking an orange wood stick, I push my cuticles back. Always do it with a light hand and  be careful, so you won’t hurt or damage your cuticle area. Since I want my nails to get as long as possible I use a nail hardener. It helps to prevent breakage. Then getting my favourite base coat of the moment I paint my second coat on my nails. The base coat helps to prevent the yellow staining of my precious nails. At the moment I’m using the new Manhattan nail polish range.


After the base coat is dry, I’m good to go to do some nail art or just paint my favourite coloure on. Today it was bahama mama from Essie.Finish off with a top coat. When my manicure has dried, I like to put on some nail oil around the cuticle area and massage it in. And there you have a nice manicure that should last for at least a week or so.



But wait before you click away! Every evening or every other night just before I go to bed I like to pamper my nails and hands with some hand cream. At the moment I’m totally in love with the Lemony Flutter cuticle butter from Lush. I first massage my nails and cuticles with the butter then I use the remaining bit on the rest of my hands (massaging the cuticle area helps the growth of your nails). With the Lemon Flutter a little goes a long way and afterwards my hands smell heavenly.


And that’s how my nail care routine works. Feel free to share your own routine, leave a comment or share the post.
Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by, xx

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