My Nail Charms and a Henna design

The weather might not seem to be ready for summer with all this rain lately but I am! And that’s why I did a very summery design to get me in the right mood!

Nail Charms are a new found love of mine and since I got some in my mail last week I could not stay away from them. All I did is paint my nails with my favourite white nail polish Barry M coconut and then with some nail glue stuck the nail charms on two of my nails. The nail charms didn’t fit right away perfectly on my nails. I had to bend the ends a little bit, but it was dead easy. Then like I said, take some nail glue and secure the nail charms on your nails.



I got the henna paste trough the internet. After doing a tolerance test 24 h before starting my design, I was ready to get painting. I looked at some pictures on Instagram beforehand to get some ideas. I started at my fingers and went on from there. And I must say, I’m very pleased on how my first henna design turned out. The lines aren’t as thin as I wanted them to be, but they say only practice makes perfect.


The next picture is my henna design about 4 days old. The design on my fingers went quite dark and the one on my hand and arm stayed the lovely warm brown colour.


If you want the summer or holiday feels this is a perfect way to get you in the right mood! I had a blast doing the design. It was a new way for me to be creative and the nail charms – omg – I don’t want to take them off, like forever!

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Have a lovely day everyone, xx.





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