Having a Pamper Session with Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Range

I wanted to try some Kiehl’s products for some time now and when I had to go into the city last week, I just went for it and got myself some things from the Kiehl’s skincare range. I always thought they were a little bit in the higher price range and for someone  living in Switzerland it’s gonna cost anyways a little more then abroad, so imagine my excitement when I saw that they were quite okay cost ways. So I got myself the smaller bottles to try it out.

The Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Skincare Range

First up we have the Ultra Facial Cleanser. Before I always used just some makeup remover from our local supermarket but I will never do that again! This Kiehl’s Face Cleanser is amazing! Got rid of my makeup with just a tiny bit of the product and it’s so gentle. My face feels and is totally clean after I wash it with some warm water.

After you have a squeaky clean face it’s time to move on to the toner. I bloody love toners. It’s the perfect way to prepare your skin. The Ultra Facial Toner is used with a cotton pad. I pour a little bit on it and then swipe it over my face leaving out the eye area. I really like this toner to smooth my skin and hydrate it.

At last we have the Ultra Facial Cream. After a day in the mountains my skin was quite dry and this moisturizer was just amazing. It put all the moisture back into my skin and even my boyfriend wanted some. He even told me how good the cream smells. And that’s something I totally agree all three Kiehl’s products smell amazing.

Pampering my Skin with Kiehl’s

I do have to say, I’m so happy I jumped the gun and bought those Kiehl’s Products. My skin is thanking me too. After my skiing trip to the mountains my skin would normally be a little red and dry but with using my cleanser, toner and facial cream from Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Range it feels great. my skin is a s smooth and healthy as ever. Probably my favourite was the cleanser as it got rid off all the makeup etc. so well but the two others are amazing too. And I’m definitely going back to buy them in the bigger sizes.

I hope you liked this kind of post. I didn’t know if I should combine my first impression with some other products I got last week but those were just so great I wanted to make the post solely about them.

Let me know what’s your fave Kiehl’s product, or if you have any recommendations for me in the comments down below.

As always have a great day and thanks for stopping by, xx

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7 responses to “Having a Pamper Session with Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Range”

  1. Eloise says:

    I’ve never actually tried anything from Kiehls, I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to skincare! The Ultra Facial Cleanser sounds incredible xx

  2. To be honest I’ve never used any Kiehls products before and I am quite now since reading your review. Great post x

  3. Tereza says:

    I’ve tried a few of their products but can’t think of one I’ve been using regularly – apart from their clay mask that is, oh I love that one. It’s amazing! These all look lush as well, especially the toner! x

    • Lea says:

      Oh well then I might have to try the clay mask next time I drop into the store! I’m a sucker for a good face mask. I really like how gently and hydrating the toner is! xx

  4. dailyalexa says:

    And if there s one thing I ve discovered, it s that there s nothing quite like a pampering session to make you feel relaxed and at peace with life.