Salted caramel chocolate cupcakes

What better way to end the day by bitting in to a sweet and delicious cupcake. This time I went along with a recipe from Cupcake Jemma. I could drool over here page for hours. Everything looks so good and it was quite hard to decide which recipe I should try out. Well if you didn’t guess already from the title I ended up with the salted caramel chocolate cupcakes. Yummy!



nailscupcakesetc.You will need for 24 cupcakes:

350g plain flour
60g cocoa powder
370g caster sugar
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
pinch of salt
150ml chocolate chips
3 large eggs
240ml cooled coffee
240ml buttermilk
210ml vegetable oil

Combine all the dry ingredients in a bowl and stir them together. Then take a second bowl and add all the liquid ingredients. Whisk them until they are combined. As a last step take the first bowl pour the dry mix into the second bowl and stir it until everything is combined and smooth. Now you only need to fill up the cupcake forms and bake them for about 20-22 min on 150°C.
When they’re firm and fluffy, take them out off the oven and let them cool off.
In Jemma’s recipe theres as a next step to make little holes in the middle of the cupcakes and pour in some salted caramel. You need about 150ml of it. You can make the holes by using a chopstick. It works great and to pour in the salted caramel: put it in a piping bag, it makes everything easier.
Now we can go on to making the frosting. You’ll need:

300g unsalted butter (soft)
540g icing sugar
150ml salted caramel

Whisk the butter for about 5 min until it’s smooth and changed to a lighter coloure. Then add the icing sugar. Best to do this step in 2 batches, otherwise you could end up with an icing sugar explosion. Keep on whisking. As a last step add the salted caramel and whisk again until everything is combined and fluffy. Now take a piping bag and decorate your cupcakes. Finish off with a drizzle of salted caramel on top and there you have some seriously delicious cupcakes.

I am really happy how mine turned out for making them for the first time. Hope you enjoyed reading it and good luck if you’re going to make them yourself. xx


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