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The Style Edit – Jewellery Favourites

The Style Edit – Jewellery Favourites

The Style Edit – Jewellery Favourites

An outfit is never complete without its accessories and in my case that involves definitely some jewellery. I always get a lot of reaction when I post a picture with my rings or my tassel earrings, so I thought I’d make a post about my current jewellery favourites.

The Rings

Just recently I started to get back into rose gold and gold jewellery, especially rings. I have always loved my rings – the more the merrier. But I’ve always kind of went for the silver rings. However now I am into gold – so much so I need to build a collection cause there are so many beautiful gold rings out there.

This Nu & Mii gold signet ring is the newest addition to the family. I already had a silver signet ring but needed to get one in gold too and Nu & Mii have just the nicest ones and for a quite reasonable price too. It’s a plated 14ct gold ring with solid black resin. It just looks like a match made in heaven and exactly what I have been searching for! The two other gold rings you see behind my signet ring are both from my mum. She gave them to me as she wasn’t wearing them anymore and I with my gold obsession happily took them. I love the detail on both rings and they fit perfectly.

The Style Edit – Jewellery Favourites

My evil eye and tiny hand rings are both from Inara. It’s a Swiss brand but shippes worldwide. I love the quality of their rings. I wear them a lot and even washing my hands with them and they still look as good as when I got them.

Tassel earrings

Just look at them! Tassel earrings have been around since last spring and I am all here for it. They are fun, bright and colourful – everything you want as an accessory. I do have two red tassel earrings and a pair of green ones and they work with so many different outfits and just take it to a whole new level.

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I am still hanging on to this trend but I pretty much changed from what chokers I used to wear. Nowadays I am more into dainty gold chockers that can also be layered with other necklaces and just don’t look that much in your face if you know what I mean. Brandy Melville is my go to when I am looking for a new choker but there are so many other places which similar styles.

So these are my current jewellery favourites. As you can see I am pretty much into gold things at the moment and that clearly reflects in my jewellery choices.

What do you like to wear? Are there things you wear on a daily basis? Let me know in the comments down below and don’t forget to give me a follow here on my blog, my Newsletter or on any of my social media  Instagram / Twitter / FB (I’ll be forever thankful).Lea - A Snippet of Life

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