There’s always a silver lining #Nailart


It all started off by me wanting a really simple manicure. One coat off a light pink polish. But I couldn’t leave my nails just for an hour like this. So I remembered my friends telling me about the nail art I did ages ago, they found really cool. It was a dark mani with a bright line down the center of my nails. Since my nails were already painted in a light pink colour I thought of adding a glitter line.


If you wanna get the whole design then start by painting your nails in a light pink or nude colour. Then add a matt topcoat. When it has completely dried, take a fine brush to paint a line down the center of your nails. I went with Sally Hansens’s glitter polish – terra coppa. All that’s left to do is wait till the nail polish has dried and you’re ready to go.



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2 responses to “There’s always a silver lining #Nailart”

  1. I love this! So simple yet so effective and looks so elegant! I think I may try this one day, possible a rose gold line! Thank you for the inspiration!! xx