There’s never too much Glitter #Makeuplook

With less than two month until Christmas, I created two makeup looks with a lot of glitter! This is how I wear my sparkly eyeshadows at day and night. Glitter Makeup is a must for the festive seasons or like me even when leading up to it.

The star of both looks is the Sleek Eyeshadow Palette from the i-Divine collection called All Night Long. The eyeshadows are highly pigmented and long-lasting (I can confirm that, they stay on even on a full night out). I love all the colours but the glitter ones definitely are my faves. All the sparkles, who doesn’t love that?

Sleek Palette

For my every day look I used as a base Martini (champagne colour). In the corner of the eyes I applied the slightly darker shade Daiquiri. With a blending brush blend the two colours and the edges. Then take Daiquiri underneath the bottom lash line half way in. And you’re done.

Day Glitter Look

Glitter Makeup

Now for a night out I like to dabble into the copper shades. Again two shades were used to create this all glitter look. For the base I used Manhattan and to create the smokey eye look I applied Mimosa in the corners. Then use a blending brush to create a subtle gradient. With Mimosa go in on your bottom lash line to finish the look.

Glitter Makeup

Glitter Makeup

Glitter Makeup

As you see I went to town with the glitter but for the festive season it’s just right! You can never have to much glitter. Just make sure to keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum. I like to go with a subtle pink lip and some rosy cheeks but thats it.

I hope you liked my glitter makeup looks. I know I’m not the best at describing how to apply eyeshadows I tired as good as I could. What is your favorite look you go for in the festive season? Let me know in the comments down below and don’t forget to like and subscribe if you aren’t already :).

Lea, xx


3 responses to “There’s never too much Glitter #Makeuplook”

  1. CiCi David says:

    Love the shimmery looks! 🙂

  2. Anna-Alina says:

    These eyeshadows look so great!