Water marble Nail Art


Hello lovelies it’s my first time trying water marbling. I still have a lot of practice to do before I might master this typ of nail art but I thought I’d share my experience anyway with you. It might help some of you to avoid the mistakes I made.

You need:


A glass filled with !room temperature! water, an orange wood stick or toothpick, a needle and some nail polish.

Now before we put anything on our nails, we have to practice the water marbling. It may look easy but trust me, it isn’t the first few times. You have to work out which nail polish work best together. Because only nail polish off same density will spread evenly on the water surface. Is one to thin or thick they won’t spread over the water surface evenly or at all. Anyway for myself, I found that mostly nail polish from the same brand worked best together.


Prepare your nails by applying a base coat and one coat of a white nail polish. Let it dry completely and protect the surrounding skin with something like tape or in my case some DIY peel off liquid latex.


Take a colour and let a drop of polish drop into the glass of water from a hight off about  5 mm. Then take the next nail polish and proceed the same way. (To help spread the nail polish on the surface you can tap the sides off the glass)


Now drag some lines with a needle while the nail polish still is wet. Next step is to dunk in the finger. Keep it under water and pick up any reaming nail polish on the water surface with the tooth pick. Then take out your finger.

Peel off the latex around your finger being very carefully to not damage the water marble design. Then paint the remaining nails in a colour which matches your water marbling nail art, cover your nails with a top coat and you’re done.



I’m quite pleased with my first attempt of water marbling. The middle finger turned out a little subtle but the index finger looks a lot better. I will continue to practice my nail art and hopefully come back with another post with my improved water marbling.

I hope you liked my post and may it be helpful to anyone who is starting out with water marbling. Don’t be shy to like, comment or share my post and it would be lovely if you would subscribe to my blog.

Have a nice day everyone and happy water marbling, xx


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