My current Wish List – the February Edition

So I finally decided to use ShopStyle on my blog. It’s gonna make it so much easier for me to show you where you can shop my stuff and I tough to kick it off, I’ll show you what’s currently on my Wish List.

There’s a little bit of everything in there from phone cases, a beautiful bag to cloth and homeware bits and bobs, along with the Hourglass Highlighting Palette over which I’ve been lusting over for ages!

I’m really tempted to buy myself another jeans with flower embroidery (here’s the one I recently got) and I could do with a new phone case. What is currently on your Wish List?

Have a great Friday my lovelies, xx

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13 responses to “My current Wish List – the February Edition”

  1. Paula says:

    I remember wearing that kind of jeans as a teenager! And I have to admit, I have a huge crush on them 🙂 And Hourglass palletes are to die for.
    My wish list contains UD All Nighter foundation and Makeup Atelier Paris eyeshadow palettes 🙂

    • Lea says:

      Me too I was wearing them as a kid and since they have been in fashion again I just had to get them again. Urban Decay really has some lovely products ;). xx

  2. Great selections! I really love those Nike sneakers! Love!


    Well those embroided jeans just made it to my wishlist aswell! 🙂 Lovely selection my dear. I was thinking of using ShopStyle aswell but didn’t get to look into it yet! xo-

    • Lea says:

      Yey for the embroidered jeans! I was looking on other bloggs what they use to display their products and saw that most of them use ShopStyle. I really looked into it for a good half day and got to know it. Now I really like it and can’t wait use it more. xx

  4. Uhhh I’ve had my eye on that Hourglass palette for ageeees now, can’t wait til I get my hands on it too!

    Holly | The Kitty Luxe

    • Lea says:

      I always put it in my shopping basket and at check out I remove it, just sooooo much money for a highlighter but such a nice one ;). xx

  5. Srna says:

    I just got the ambient lighting palette as a gift and it’s beautiful (the original one with the three powders) – but the one you posted looks AMAZING. Also the bee phone case is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen!! <3


    • Lea says:

      I heard sooo much about the ambient lighting palette, the only thing holding me back is the price. I love the Skinny Dip phone cases, they’re so different 🙂 ! xoxo

  6. Lisa May says:

    The hourglass palette is so worth it!!! It’s my favourite thing right now!!

    • Lea says:

      This made me put the palette on top of my list! As soon as I can justify spending the money it’s going down ;). xx